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Mutated Heads

Sequence 5 from the CHARLES DARWIN performance that explores the collective psyches and diverse transformation of Mathew Emmett + Eberhard Kranemann, that shifts between substance and immateriality.
CHARLES DARWIN (live) Polymorphic mutating heads sequence | Mathew Emmett & Eberhard Kranemann | The Atlantic Project 2018. Documentation thanks to Tim Dollimore The Media Workshop Ltd, sound John Hibdige | Finlay Mckinnon | Alistair Long.


Mathew Emmett + Eberhard Kranemann - founder member of German electronic legends Kraftwerk, propose the use of audiovisual performance to amplify the existential dimension of reality through the modification of the architectural environment to produce an altered, densely atmospheric experiential event. Through a disruptive interplay of electronic sound and film, combined with the layered texture of inherited presence, to compose a shifting architectural experience that questions and subverts the habitual dynamics of an original site.

Kraftwerk's founder member Eberhard Kranemann collaborates with Mathew Emmett for a 'mixed-reality performance' called Charles Darwin at the culmination of the Atlantic Project, 2018. Mathew Emmett and Eberhard Kranemann look to the precarious forces of the preternatural, shifting the ordinary to otherness. Their new media immersive performances are ongoing artwork-events evolving hybrid visions through new media and electronic soundscapes comprised of film, digital sampling, 3D scanning, interaction and feedback.

Mathew Emmett + Eberhard Kranemann performing live at The Atlantic Project 2018. CHARLES DARWIN enfolding JOSEPH BEUYS "Handaktion" + Pissoff "Klangaktion" (live im Creamcheese mit Eberhard Kranemann 1968). Performance flowing across different times, scales, independent of distance, where neither is fixed and in constant exchange. It is not one space or one site, but many spaces folded into many actualisations. Eberhard Kranemann, founder member of German electronic legends Kraftwerk collaborates with architect Mathew Emmett at the Atlantic Project, 2018.

CHARLES DARWIN by Mathew Emmett & Eberhard Kranemann. Immersive performance for The Atlantic Project | After the Future: International contemporary art festival 2018 UK.
The German-English collaboration of Eberhard Kranemann and Mathew Emmett calls to attention a conceptualisation of space conveyed at the intersection of affect and schism, triggering deep immersion in future worlds. Their projects are ongoing artwork-events evolving hybrid visions through new media and electronic soundscapes, comprised of digital sampling, 3D scanning, interaction and feedback.
Charles Darwin started his exploration into the important science of evolution on board the HMS Beagle, setting sail on 27th December 1831 from Plymouth harbour. In 1968, Kranemann performed Pissoff/Handaktion with Joseph Beuys at Creamcheese in Düsseldorf where another reality came into being. Kranemann is an innovator in audiovisual art, co-founding the electronic music band Kraftwerk, participating in Documenta, Kassel, and the Berlinale Film Festival. Throughout his career Kranemann has pursued the origination of new worlds. Emmett is an architect and artist specializing in immersive installations, sound and interdisciplinary research in situated cognition, with performances at the Tate Modern, London, in Germany, Russia and Japan.


Joseph Beuys "Handaktion" + Pissoff "Klangaktion" Live im Creamcheese mit Eberhard Kranemann 1968

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Eberhard Kranemann, Jürgen Möllemann, A.R. Penck, Markus Lüpertz, Hans-Georg Kehse 1990

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Bluepoint Underground In New York City live 1999

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VJ Chuuu + Eberhard Kranemann - DL: Short Cuts To Japan - Black Box Kino Filmmuseum Düsseldorf 2012

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Eberhard Kranemann - Ina Sladic "Voice" 2012 NEW MEDIA ART GROUP VideoSoundDancePerformance

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Eberhard Kranemann - Ina Sladic NEW MEDIA ART GROUP "Fingerballett" 2012

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Julia Kent Eberhard Kranemann Malkasten Kultur Düsseldorf Part 2

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tb : a : prelude - KUNSTHALLE DUESSELDORF - musik - kunst - raum - experimente.

VIDEO SOUND ART PERFORMANCE = Eberhard Kranemann - video, electronic sounds, electric guitar /
Yukino Nono - lyrics
Yoichiro Kita - trumpet, electronics.
video portrait of Ina Sladic by Eberhard Kranemann.

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Klangfarben und Farbklänge



Im Panikraum

Das Saxofon Dada - Fluxus Performance

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Klangfarben und Farbklänge

Eberhard Kranemann - Fingerballett

Eberhard Kranemann - Voice

Eberhard Kranemann - Im Panikraum